1104 Grimball Trace Lexington KY 40509 in Summerfield

1104 Grimball Trace Lexington, KY in the big 40509 zip code.  Summerfield has been growing at a rapid pace and we are glad to be a part of the growth.  Last year when the school district changed Summerfield subdivision to be included in the New High School that will open up 2017/18 school year that was a game changer in the publics eye.  But I cannot say that I blame you I mean, new home and a new high school in the future.  This seems like a win win.

The neighborhood is growing because the area is growing.  Hamburg is just around the corner and you can find everything from fast food to fine cuisine or a movie to watch before your dinner and everything in between.  The amount of shops, restaurants, Costco, Cabela’s, the New YMCA facility,  and the area has great access to the interstate too.  This is why this area is doing so well in Lexington 40509.

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