Masterson Station


We just acquired some more lots inside of Masterson Station and some lots back up to the Sandersville Elementary and has been very popular for families.

Leestown Expansion Growth ProjectHere is a current map of what is going on with Leestown Rd expansion and this is why I’m excited about the north side of town.  I believe that this area long term will be the growth of Lexington as it is the largest community in Lexington at the moment with all of the smaller subdivisions surrounding the Masterson Station subdivision.

The lot sizes vary so much that each lot will have to be examined to see what is the best floor plan for that particular lot.  Do you have a lot that you would like to start building?  Click here Lots in Masterson Hills Unit 1-C Section 2 to see what lots we have available but please remember that we have access to other lots in the neighborhood but these are the ones that we currently have.

Here is a list of Floor Plans that we are building