James Monroe Homes Design Center – Grand Opening

What have you heard about the James Monroe Homes Difference?

We have created a process so seamless that we think it will change the way people look at building their next home.  No matter if this home is a starter home or your Dream Home, we would like the opportunity to show you Why our process is different than other builders.

  1. James Monroe Homes Design Center
  2. Our App – 24/7 Connectivity
  3. Written Build with Confidence Guarantee – and we are not talking about the Builder’s warranty
  4. High Performance Built Homes

We have been working to develop and refine this process over the past 11 years.

We are excited to announce the Grand Opening to our new James Monroe Homes Design Center, located at 2250 Thunderstick Drive, Suite 1206, Lexington, KY 40505. Current and prospective clients as well as the curious shopper will be able to visit Monday – Friday from 8-4:30pm or by appointment any other time. The James Monroe Homes Design Center is available to our customers to assist turning their dreams into reality with our thousands of options and design features. We have researched the hottest trends and styles through the International Builders Show and Kitchen and Bath International Show. We have worked with all of our suppliers to bring those products into the James Monroe Homes Design Center. The James Monroe Homes Design Center is your opportunity to see, feel, touch, and create your personal style from these traditional to trending products all in one single location.

Every James Monroe Home client is given log in credentials to our software. They are also invited to download the James Monroe Homes app. This allows our clients to be connected to our process from any internet connected device.

Once logged in the client will have access to the construction schedule which is updated daily. Our clients will know where in the construction process their new home is before they drive by for a visit. All the specifications, selections, and options for their home are clearly laid out for our customers in this system. In addition to this we also link in the manufacture data on their products so our consumer can be as informed as desired. Each of the specifications and finishes can also be found in the James Monroe Homes Design Center, thus making decisions much easier. Our clients can make their selections from home, James Monroe Homes Design Center, or anywhere that is most convenient for them. If at any time the client has a message for the builder, they can post the message with pictures and most likely get a response back from James Monroe Homes the same business day. This is great because all of the communication throughout the process will come to your email but be stored and logged into our system for quick access and review. In addition, our clients will be able to access Files, Change Orders, To-do Lists, Questions, Job Log, and Warranty information while logged in. Our clients will always be, “In the Know where ever they Go”, with James Monroe Homes.

What is a Written Build with Confidence Guarantee and why is James Monroe Homes the only builder to offer it? James Monroe Homes will always go beyond to exceed the minimum standards. When you buy a James Monroe Home, you will have the confidence to know your home is a High-Performance Home built to save you money every month. It was built with quality materials and craftsmanship to give you confidence it was built right the first time. The home was designed to provide Personal Home Comfort with consistent comfort from room to room of your house. James Monroe Homes does not wait to hear from you but will reach out to check on you and your new home 4 weeks after closing and 11 months after closing to make sure your new home has exceeded your expectations. If between these follow ups your new homes does not exceed your expectations, we promise to respond to your inquiry within one business day. James Monroe Homes has partnered with Guild Quality to survey all of our clients 45 days and 13 months after closing. This shows our commitment to you throughout the entire process. This is how you can Build with Confidence with James Monroe Homes. We are so confident in the quality of our homes and service that we are the only builder who is willing to put this in writing.

James Monroe Homes High-Performance homes are designed and built to save you money every month. But beyond that they are also designed and built to give you and your family personal comfort though out your house year around. James Monroe Homes are built using the best building science techniques to create a tight building envelope. Our goal is to make your home’s internal environment independent of the harsh external environment. Our customers have the confidence to know once they step into their James Monroe Home they will be walking into their personal oasis regardless of the exterior weather conditions. James Monroe Homes High Performance Homes are tested beyond a HERS score and low utility bills, but tested by your personal comfort every day.

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