How Do I Ensure That Building My Dream Home Won’t Become A Complete Nightmare? – Part 3

Are you ready to make “a thousand” decisions?

Once you’ve gone into contract with your builder, you will have to make all the selections for your new home. For some people, this can be a lot of fun and very exciting. For others, this is a dreadful and stressful time. Think about the time commitment and your availability when selecting your builder. The services of some builders include design consulting.  An experienced and qualified designer can be extremely helpful with ideas and guidance on colors and finishes, and even fixtures that will fit your taste within budget.

Some builders may restrict you to a limited amount of options, thus requiring you to make very few decisions. This is great if you hate worrying over details.

Other builders may give you an infinite number of options, but this requires you to make hundreds of decisions. Many homeowners welcome the freedom to shop around and choose the finishes and fixtures that they love. Just remember that you should keep the budget allowances in mind! It is easy to choose expensive options, but they can add up into some serious cost overruns. Sometimes your builder’s team can help you choose less expensive options for some things, to help you offset the cost of a few special choices in other areas of the house.

How do you plan to tackle this task?

Does your builder provide you with a Design Center? Design Centers give you the opportunity to visually compare options for exterior features, plumbing and lighting fixtures, flooring options, and even colors that bring it all together.

Does you builder’s team include an interior designer to help you make these decisions? Is the interior designer service included in the build contract? According to a designer can actually help keep you on budget and save you time and effort by having the resources and knowledge of certain brands, products and their prices.

Some builders without Design Centers expect you to drive around town to visit the showrooms of their suppliers. If this is OK with you, be sure it is clear how these decisions are going to be documented and relayed to the trade partners.

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