High Performance Home

This home was built with proven building techniques and professional consulting to ensure a tight building envelop separating conditioned space from unconditioned space. The end result is lower utility cost.

Personal Home Comfort

We have worked with our HERS Rater and HVAC professionals to ensure every room maintains a consistent temperature for your comfort.

Quality Materials

This home is built with quality materials for long lasting and added value.

Quality Craftsmanship

This home was built by professionals who are trained to install your quality materials per manufacturer recommendations and who will stand behind their work. Thus, resulting in fewer warranty claims.


Through the James Monroe Homes website and app, our customers can access info about their home 24/7. Make selections, check the construction schedule, and contact James anytime, anywhere.

Service After Closing

During closing we will set a date 30 days later to address any initial warranty issues. We will call to schedule after 11 months to conclude any warranty issues and promise that we will respond to any inquiry within 24 hours during the warranty period.


We have contracted with a third party, Guild Quality, to survey our customers 45 days and 13 months post-closing. This is an opportunity for our customers to hold us accountable. Check out the uncensored reviews HERE.

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